Collection: Prama CCTV Cameras

PRAMA Offerings of Network Cameras

  • Bullet Camera

PRAMA Bullet Camera is widely used for monitoring enterprise properties, as they give a distinguished and noticeable preview of the scenario for live Video Surveillance Monitoring. They are excellent outdoor IP Video Security Cameras that are capable of providing higher levels of detail over greater distances. Bullet Network Camera with superior night vision, works efficiently during the day and night, irrespective of the light and weather conditions.

  • IP Camera and Wi-Fi IP Camera

PRAMA Wi-Fi / IP Camera can be easily installed at any location by connecting to your Wi-Fi network. You can install these wireless cameras without cables by just plugging in the power adapter. Prama India’s Wi-Fi IP Cameras offer the best security option by simply connecting to IP network. It offers seamless remote monitoring and control facility through smart devices (Mobile, Tablet, Video Wall or Command and Control Centre).

  • Dome Network Camera

PRAMA Dome Network Cameras are specially designed in a circular, dome-shaped structure to withstand all elements, both inside and outside environment. PRAMA offers a vast range of dome cameras for indoor and outdoor security that covers every activity day and night.

Bespoke CCTV Surveillance Solutions 

Home Security

A home security camera is a video security device that monitors home and helps to protect the property and family that resides there. Apart from Network Cameras, there are two types of CCTV Surveillance Cameras for securing homes: Wired Analog and Wireless Analog . Wi-Fi Cameras come with Wi-Fi to transmit surveillance footage to a cloud-based server over the internet. With the help of an internet connection, you can view the footage anywhere. Wherein wired home security cameras are physically wired to an on-site video storage device, either a digital video recorder (DVR) or a network video recorder (NVR).

Outdoor Security

Outdoor CCTV Security cameras are security devices that can capture and record any activity outside your property. These outdoor cameras come with built-in features such as motion-activated floodlights and sirens that alert you to any intrusion activity around the property.

Why PRAMA CCTV Cameras and Network Video Security Cameras are a best choice?

With the exponential rise in theft and intrusion cases, installing a CCTV Surveillance Camera at homes, offices and various facilities has become a prerequisite to ensure security. Due to continuous evolution and upgrade in CCTV and Network Video Security technologies, people are opting for CCTV surveillance solutions that can manage their security concerns in a cost efficient way.

PRAMA is one of the premier CCTV Surveillance and Video Security brands that offers a wide variety of CCTV camera systems embedded with superior technologies and quality features. The company is constantly enhancing its indigenous manufacturing capabilities by producing advanced video security products. With advanced CCTV Product manufacturing expertise, it offers high-quality video security products in the Indian Security Market.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is meant by Network Camera?

A Network Camera is a digital camera that receives control data and sends video feed data via an IP network protocol.

  1. What is the difference between IP and CCTV Cameras?

The IP cameras are known as Network Cameras and CCTV Camera is known as its Analog variant. An IP camera is a digital video camera that transmits data via a network Ethernet link.

The Analog CCTV Cameras capture an analogue signal and then it is transferred via a coax cable to the DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The DVR converts the Analog signal to a digital one, compresses and stores it on a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) within the DVR.

  1. Checklist for buying a CCTV Camera?

The first and foremost thing to look for while buying a CCTV Surveillance Camera is that it should be accessible anytime. It must have a night vision feature that gives clear footage even with minimum light. It is always better if a CCTV Camera has sensors that detect noise or movement around. The other key consideration includes, service support, cost efficiency and quality assurance. One must factor the cabling and installation cost, which is often approximately 60% of the total CCTV Surveillance project cost.

  1. Do you need Wi-Fi for Home Security Cameras?

Yes, Wi-Fi is required for the home security cameras in a normal situation. There are more advanced Home Security Cameras itself has in-built Wi-Fi support.

  1. Can we connect Network Camera with a mobile phone?

That’s the key USP of Network Cameras, one needs to have an internet connection to connect a Network Camera with a mobile phone. Now, one can view their camera feed from the phone anywhere, anytime.